Attorney at Law

Kenneth P. Dobson

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Providing Practical Solutions to Complex Environmental, Real Estate, and Business Problems

Over the course of his career, Ken has obtained millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for his clients.   Some of these verdicts and settlements include:

Commercial Litigation

* Secured $750,000 judgment against seller of solid waste companies on fraud and civil racketeering claims arising from misrepresentations concerning status of liens against companies.

* Obtained favorable jury verdict and award of attorney fees on fraud claims against employee of plumbing company for falsifying backflow testing results.

 * Negotiated $150,000 stipulated judgment against managers of restaurant accused of stealing customer credit card numbers and mismanaging business.

 * Successfully defended restaurant owner against six figure claims by former commercial landlord while securing five figure recoveries on counterclaim for theft of equipment wrongfully retained by landlord.

 * Successfully defended commercial game designer from multi-million dollar breach of contract claim by former business associate.

 * Argued successful motion to exclude all of plaintiff’s expert witnesses on behalf of defendant accused in multi-million dollar lawsuit relating to development of communication software.

Toxic Tort and Contaminated Site Litigation

* Negotiated $120,000 settlement plus move out expenses on behalf of group of low income tenants living in moldy, under ventilated Section 8 housing complex.

*  Negotiated $175,000 settlement on behalf of employee who developed fungal infection in lungs after exposure to mold in water damaged office building.

 * Negotiated $204,000 settlement on behalf of family that purchased home with excessive levels of formaldehyde in building materials and fumes from improperly decommissioned heating oil tank.

 * Negotiated $110,000 settlement on behalf of four county workers who developed sinus and breathing problems following exposure to mold in water damaged correctional facility.

 * Negotiated $130,000 settlement on behalf of purchaser of residence for cleanup costs associated with leaking underground storage tank.

​*  Negotiated $190,000 settlement for bodily injury and property damage caused by water damage and mold arising from building defects in condominium unit.

*  Negotiated $100,000 settlement on behalf of buyers of home for adverse health effects and property damage caused by mold and hidden water damage.

*  Secured $150,000 settlement for water damage, mold, and related breathing problems caused by improperly installed windows in residence.

 * Obtained jury verdict for $104,000 plus attorney fees on behalf of tenant who developed breathing problems after being exposed to mold in rental unit where landlord failed to correct roof leak and other moisture problems.

 * Obtained $120,000 jury verdict on behalf of chemically sensitive homeowner for stress and anxiety and the costs associated remediating property and other out of pocket expenses after botched pesticide application.

 * Obtained verdict on behalf of homeowner in United States District Court assigning majority of cleanup liability relating to mercury spill to contractor that was responsible for spill.

 * Successfully argued the first appellate case in the nation to allow the expert testimony regarding Multiple Chemical Sensitivity in cases involving common law negligence.

Regulatory and Government Matters

* Brought lawsuit against county on behalf of coalition of landowners that resulted in repeal of new, overly stringent septic regulations.

 * Obtained jury verdict for $56,600 plus attorney fees in favor of homeowner on inverse condemnation claims against city after sewer cleaning work caused wastewater to back up into private residence.
* Negotiated settlement in favor of property owner that stopped septic pumping company from using neighboring property as disposal site for treated human waste.

 * Negotiated favorable settlement on behalf of rural development district in lawsuit against the federal Army Corps of Engineers and other government agency that resulted in significant infrastructure upgrades, cash payments, and other benefits for client.

 * Secured favorable decision in case of first impression in the US District Court for the District of Oregon in case involving the regulatory status of particular waste materials and the extent of federal jurisdiction over wetlands under the Clean Water Act.

* Obtained enforcement order and injunction from the Land Conservation and Development Commission against Oregon county for failure to abide by statewide land use planning goals.

 Construction Litigation and Injury to Real Property

* Obtained $250,684 jury verdict on behalf of the owners of a vacation home damaged by erosion caused by a broken water line.

*  Negotiated $190,000 settlement in Little Miller Act claims against contractor that failed to pay elevator subcontractor for work on new federal building.

 * Obtained judgment for $278,000 plus attorney fees on behalf of elevator parts supplier against elevator installation company for unpaid amounts owing on account.

 * Negotiated $170,000 settlement on behalf of owner of home with rot and decay caused by builder’s inadequate drying of materials during construction.

 * Negotiated $130,000 settlement on behalf of homeowner for water and mold damage caused by inadequately ventilated roofing system..